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yellow naped amazon parrot

species name:  Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata

personality: Yellow naped amazons are highly intelligent, quick-witted animals who make great pets for an active owner. They are naturally-born entertainers and looove to be the center of attention. When properly socialised they make great pets, however they are prone to becoming one-person-birds or developing a preference for one gender if not introduced to enough new people. You will often find yellow-naped amazons demanding to be scratched or pet, as they love attention. They will surely entertain you with their clownish antics in no time!

diet requirements: Being prone to obesity, these birds do best on high quality pellets along with fresh seed mixes and bird-safe fruits. Watch out with the seeds though, as they are very calorific!

cage size: these birds need very large cages, at least 30”x36”x50”

talking ability: excellent, they take great pleasure in mimicking what their owners say as well as songs, the telephone or the sound that the microwave makes.

experience requirements: high, as these birds tend to go through a bluffing phase.

time requirements: they need to be let out of their cage for at least 3-4 hours a day, and plenty of interaction inbetween

price range: $500 and $1500

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